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About Me

Welcome to my undergraduate portfolio! My name is Lauren Rymer.

In May 2024, I will graduate with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Human Development Family Studies minor. I am in the process of finishing both my University Honors and University Honors with Thesis programs.


Through my coursework and community volunteering experiences, I have learned about diverse communities, the extent of my passion for the convergence of education and developmental psychology, and the mechanisms that underlie the functioning of both. Motivated by the incredible learning opportunities I have had during my undergraduate career, I have decided to pursue a Ph.D. in School Psychology. This path will allow me to further my learning and research in the fields of language learning, early childhood literacy, and the influence of parental experiences on academic success, as well as learning how to translate this research to practice.

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Lauren Rymer

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology



Overview of Portfolio

1 / About

An introduction to my experiences as a student and why I decided to pursue an education in School Psychology

2 / CV

Research experience, poster presentations, service experience, grants/awards, work experience, and skills

3 / Psychology Honors Program

In-depth reflection on my experience completing an honors thesis, outlining my work in each semester

4 / Writing Samples & Projects

Examples of papers and presentations from my undergraduate career

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